MAFILM AUDIO Ltd.   |   DOLBY licenced Mix & Dubbing Studio 

Mafilm Audio

Innovation and tradition

Since 1948 in business, Mafilm Audio is now the leading dubbing studio in Hungary, with a large client portfolio ranging from local TV channels to multinational distributors and it’s one of the best known and respected studios in the CEE region.

Started as the Motion Picture Sound Division of mother company Mafilm, the only Film Factory of Hungary Audio has been participating on more than 1.000 feature film production. Since 1990 M’Audio is a Limited Company with structured ownership – majority is private (59%) while Mafilm’s 41% secures state support. 2012 is a historical year for the Studio : VSI joint the group , bought 10% of the shares – brought international connections and further experience.

Mafilm Audio makes sound postproduction for a dozen of local films, per year - with directors like Istvan Szabó, Béla Tarr, Krisztina Deák, János Szász, Gabor N. Forgách, Szabolcs Hajdú – among others. M’Audio supports the education of new generation of filmmakers – their etudes are made here year by year…

The Studio dubs up to 40 theatrical and 65 DVD titles per year —from new releases and blockbusters to art-house- films, as well as offering subtitling for all media including DCP. The studio is always adapting to changes in technology and currently has 7 recording rooms and the latest hardware and software . Mafilm Audio’s strength is also in its people. With the best and also internationally trained sound engineers, a huge selection of skilled translators, adaptors, editors, voice artists and Hungary’s best dubbing directors, Mafilm Audio delivers consistently high quality.

Mafilm Audio supports  since years   FÜGE,  the Association for Independent Theatre and Multi-Art Production